All workshops are customizable based on individual needs.  Sample workshops listed below.  Workshops are typically held in a half-day, full day or 3-day format.



Co-Create! The art of Collaboration.


Description: Collaboration is a new buzz word.  Done well, it can lead to amazing connections and projects.  Done poorly, it can feel like a forced team assignment from high school. 

Learn to identify what makes up the best team, what to expect from collaboration and how to harness the momentum great collaboration can bring you. Experience real-time co-creation.  Laugh, share, and imagine.  You may even walk away with a new partner, project or plan.


  • A better understanding of how co-creation is different than collaboration
  • Identify components of a great team
  • Toss up a story salad
  • Collaborate during Idea Shake-up
  • Learn how listening skills will further your creation process
  • A new partner or group of people to co-create with

Writing your Own Manifesto


Description: Latin - Manifestum, meaning clear or conspicuous.  How do you declare your belief's, opinions, motives and intentions to yourself, your team and/or the world? 

Ask questions, think, wonder and create your own personal call to action. Find clarity for yourself and your potential customers. Clarity leads to intention.  Intention leads to power (not the negative megalomaniac kind of power).  Power leads to freedom.


  • A better understanding of the purpose of a manifesto
  • What a manifesto can do for you
  • Elements of a great manifesto
  • Changes a manifesto can make in your life - personally & professionally
  • A draft manifesto

The Value of I Don’t Know, Shift Happens

Description: There is incredible value in not having all the answers.  But in a world that doesn’t often value the non-expert, the vulnerable and the learner – how do you function? 

How shifting focus can increase success, solve problems and generally make you a happier person.



  • Dispel the atmosphere of fear
  • Techniques to encourage learning instead of expertise
  • Develop plans and processes to increase efficiency
  • Give time and resources the appropriate amount of effort
  • Learn to ask why instead of what