OML – Revolution

The manifesto:

  • Work can and should be fun
  • Couches are bad for you…but oh so comfortable
  • Moving your hands, your body, your mouth, your ears and your mind – creating experiences outperforms all shut up, sit down seminars
  • Dictators are never happy (living in fear sucks for everyone)
  • Collaboration is not the same as consensus
  • Fighting to make things happen rarely works (or rarely works well)
  • Mythological creatures are super cool
  • Everyone has a voice and someone out there needs to hear what you have to say
  • Making meaning out of metaphor and story is crazy powerful
  • User Experience and service design are way more important than features
  • Innovation is not accidental – it is designed
  • Assume positive intent
  • Three key words to live by:  Imagination, Innovation and Intuition
  • Okay three more:  Collaboration, Connection and Creativity
  • Fine:  I can’t stop at just six – Laughter, Lightness and Listening
  • Do business differently
  • Change takes work